Dr Josephine Algar


BDS Lpool (UK) 1978

GDC No: 52567

Maria Beresna

Dental Nurse

National Diploma in Dental Nursing NEBDN 2013

GDC No: 247029

Georgina Oliver

Dental Nurse

Verified experience in Dental Nursing

GDC No: 121848

Elizabeth Chilcott

Dental Nurse

Qual - National Certificate NEBDN 2009

GDC No: 182137

Our Team

   We are proud to present a qualified, highly skilled and very friendly team of dentists, hygienists, nurses and receptionists.

Westbourne Dental Practice's mission and goal through the years has always stayed the same: to provide our patients with the highest quality dental care. We place a great deal of emphasis on excellent communication, effective treatments and continuous professional development to enable us to completely satisfy our patients' needs. 

Our Mission

Dr Hamid Kolahy

Principal Dentist

Tandläkare Lund (Sweden) 1996

GDC No: 72450

Kate Hayes

Dental Nurse

Verified experience in Dental Nursing

GDC No: 121939

Anna-Marie Papa

Dental Nurse

Verified competency in Dental Nursing

GDC No: 155824

Amene Karim Shoshtary

Dental Hygienist

Dip Dent Hygiene (Sweden) 2001

GDC No: 5908

Tel:  01202 760 490

Other members:

Dr. Veronika af Geijersstam - Dentist (Tandläkare Karolinska 1996, Sweden); GDC No: 72901

Dr. Andrzej Zurek - Dentist (Lek Den Kracow 1990, Poland), GDC No: 84212

Manizheh Keiani - Dental Hygienist (Dip Dent Hygiene 2007, Denmark); GDC No: 160411

Austra Cukura - dental nurse (National Diploma in Dental Nursing NEBDN 2017); GDC No: 269267 

​Dina Kanan - trainee dental nurse

​Kelli-Tamara Jones - receptionist

Lorna Warden - receptionist 

Rebecca Blackmore - receptionist


Wendy Rowley

Dental Hygienist

CEB Cert in Dental Hygiene (UK) 1979

GDC No: 1905

Dr Deivis Baltrusaitis

Principal Dentist

D Stom Kaunas (Lithuania) 1992

GDC No: 85315